Yeilding Real Estate

The income-producing division is a well-established department that has amassed considerable experience in identifying high-potential properties, improving them, and converting them into rental properties such as hotels, commercial centers, housing developments, and retirement homes.
In 2016, the Gabay Group acquired control of Engel Resources & Development Ltd., which became known as Gabay Properties and Development Ltd. This division focuses on income-producing property in residential construction, specifically large-scale “Vacate & Build” projects, and on improving and developing income-producing real estate in high-demand areas.The division also deals with rental properties, including the initiation, management, maintenance and leasing of office, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Commercial Properties / Offices


בית גבאי, תל אביב 4,976 מ”ר


מרכז אשדר, תל אביב 2,109 מ”ר


541 מ”ר שטח מסחרי


כ- 500 מ”ר שטח מסחרי


3,240 מ”ר אשר הושכרו למשרדי הממשלה, בנוסף קומת קרקע שהושכרה לבנק מזרחי טפחות.


קומת משרדים


שטח מסחרי מתחת לבניין מגורים. *ההדמיה להמחשה בלבד.


Two industrial buildings and additional building rights in Carmiel, 12,652 sqm

Lido Beach, Ashdod

Residential, hotel, and leisure project in Ashdod that includes 5-star luxury hotel suites and guest rooms


4,500 מ"ר של משרדים ומרכז מסחרי הממוקמים מול אוניברסיטת בר אילן.

Gabay TLV, Tel Aviv

About 1,600 sqm of trade and business areas

Ha’nasy center, Rehovot

About 5,500 sqm of commercial center in Weizmann center, Rehovot

Assisted living in the name of Fannie Gabay (R.I.P)

The project is expected to include some 200 assisted living apartments for seniors

Housing Developments


במקבץ 164 יחידות דיור המושכרות לעמידר


Residential cluster in Afula, 8,222 sqm


Or Akiva

2 industrial buildings in Or Akiva, 5,357 sqm

Residential Real Estate

Yehuda Maccabi, Tel Aviv

About 300 sqm in Yehuda Maccabi St., Emmanuelle 2 St., in the old north of Tel Aviv

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