Halperin 6-8


Vacate & Build | Marketing & Construction Begun
Units to be Vacated: 16| Units to be Built: 66

The Project

A beautiful residential project under construction at 6-8 Halperin Street in Netanya, just 300m from the beach and spectacular seafront promenade. The project involves vacating 16 apartments and building 66 new apartments over 18 floors.

The company is also embarking on another project at 14-16 Halperin Street in Netanya:

Vacate & Build | 16 apartments to be vacated, 66 apartments to be built | an additional section of the approved city building plan.

Architects: Haimi Schneider Architects
Project Address

6 Halperin Street, Netanya

Sales Office

2 Kremenetski Street, Tel Aviv

Sales Manager

03-5612055, Ext. 251

Project Location

For more details and to arrange a meeting:

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