Kehilat Lodz 50-60, Hadar Yosef

Tel Aviv

Vacate & Build | Occupancy Stage
Units Vacated: 46| Units Built: 117

The Project

A Vacate & Build project being undertaken by Gabay Income-Producing Properties & Development, part of the Gabay Group, which includes 117 apartments across six buildings. The project is being undertaken in cooperation with the apartment owners and the Tel Aviv Municipality. (In addition, the company is working on other projects in the Hadar Yosef neighborhood, with a scope of approx. 400 additional apartments.)

Architects: Orit Muhlbauer Architects
Project Address

50 Kehilat Lodz Street, Tel Aviv

Sales Office

50 Kehilat Lodz Street, Hadar Yosef, Tel Aviv

Sales Manager

03-5612055, Ext. 251

Project Location

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