About The Company

Gabay Group: Founded in 1989 by the owner,Mr. Shimshon The Group’s significant outbreak occurred in 1995, when it began an extensive and thriving enterprising activity.

Hence forward, the Gabay Group is constantly growing and building on its way to becoming a leading real estate company on the market,while emphasizing on a unique organizational infrastructure, which enable it to keep growing and extending its activities both in Israel and abroad.

Gabay, as a contracting company in the construction industry.

Today the Gabay Group brings together the fields of construction, real estate investment and development both in Israel and abroad.

Projects include:

• exclusive residential projects throughout the country and abroad.
• Hotels
• Resort apartments.
• Residential project for senior citizens.

As a senior and stable company, known for its reputation in enterprising, development, construction and marketing of real estate projects, the Gabay Group maintains a young and dynamic character, which helped in locating high quality and profitable goals, even in times of deep economic depression.

During the past 10 years the group has began to establish the senior management structure on family members.

The family’s goal is to establish and promote the group, based on creating new and unique projects, Providing construction and service excellence, and above all, attending the tenant all the way, starting with the purchasing process all the way to receiving the key to their new home.

Customer service department coordinates the tenants desires, aspirations and dreams and the contractors carrying out on the field.
In addition the department director sees to synchronization and perfect execution without errors.

Senior position holders in Gabay Group: