The Gabay Group is one of the leading construction companies in Israel.
The Group is proud of its over 3 decades of experience in construction, entrepreneurship, and real-estate marketing – since its establishment by Mr. Shimshon Gabay. The values of excellence and tradition have set the basis of Gabay Group since its inception. These values remain the corner stone in the Group’s varied activities.

The second generation of the family, that has joined the Group’s management insists on the expansion of the scope of activities in all fields, while keeping the commitment for excellence, quality of construction and providing the best service possible to the Group’s ever-growing customer base.

Gabay Group has so far constructed thousands of residential units across Israel.
Currently, there are about 1,200 residential units in marketing and under construction in various locations across the country. Additionally, there are about 7,300 residential units that are in advanced stages of planning in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Hod HaSharon, Ramat HaSharon, Bat Yam, Rehovot, Kiryat Uno, Ashdod and more. Gabay’s financial stability guarantees quality construction, adhere to schedules, and provides personal service to each client – alongside planning and creating groundbreaking projects. .

Notable Recent Achievements

  1. As of June 2018, the Group became the exclusive agent of “Comansa Tower Cranes” company in Israel.
  2. In March 2016, the Group became the majority shareholder of Engel Resources & Development Ltd., a real estate company that manages and runs property for rent and sale, as well as residential construction in Israel and abroad.
  3. In December 2018 the Group acquired the Yakov Elazar company due to its financial difficulties.

Group structure


Entrepreneurship & Business Development

The department is responsible for locating strategic locations suitable for building, locating existing properties whose value can be enhanced, initiating and promoting “combination” deals, and taking part in tenders for high-density construction on land that belongs to Israel’s Land Administration.


Urban Renewal

The department Specializes in “Pinui Binui” and “Tama 38” projects. The Group has the experience and the means to locate areas suitable for urban renewal, and to provide close guidance to the property owners – starting from securing the agreement of all the apartment owners and planning the project, thru the construction phase to delivering the renovated apartments to the tenants.


Planning, Construction and Management

The Group’s main construction department, responsible for planning, building, and developing projects. This dept. is supported by professional teams of engineers, work managers, supervisors, and hundreds of construction workers. Furthermore, the Group owns all the necessary professional and logistic equipment to carry out the projects. As of June 2018, Gabay Group became the exclusive agent of “Comansa Tower Cranes” company in Israel.


Marketing, Sales and Customer Relations

The Group provides professional guidance and personal assistance to the clients, including residential and commercial space clients – from the planning phase thru the contract signing stage, and to the property handing over. Gabay Group regularly participates in numerous housing fairs around the world and organizes independent housing fairs all over France.



A department within the execution division that offers the sale and rental service of new turret cranes by “COMANSA” company. The crane department provides complete customer service and maintenance services for the company cranes, from consulting and planning, through spare parts supply, rail and crane elevation service to dismantling upon completion.

Group management

שמשון גבאי

Mr. Shimshon Gabay

Company Chairman
מיה גבאי

Maya Gabay Teboul

אלי גבאי

Eli Gabay

Owner and VP of Business Development
אורית גבאי

Orit Gabay Tirer

VP of sales and marketing
אריק טובול

Eric Teboul

VP of engineering
תמר גבאי

Tamar Gabay

VP of acquisition

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